How to Truly Nourish The skin inside and out

Tania Teschke

Join Tania Teschke as she discusses how to nourish your skin inside and out, how she came to understand the importance of animal fats, and the best ingredients to look for in natural skincare products (and food) and what to avoid, for a healthy lifestyle.

How to Truly Nourish the Skin Inside and Out by Tania Teschkey @ Bordeaux Kitchen

Tania Teschke is a writer and photographer who is passionate about French food and wine and is the author of The Bordeaux Kitchen: An Immersion into French Food and Wine, Inspired by Ancestral Traditions.

Tania has learned from cooks, butchers, chefs, and winemakers in France and holds a diploma in wine science and tasting from the University of Bordeaux. Tania continues to explore the deep connection the French have to their land, their cultural heritage, and to the nutritional density of their foods.

Tania is the founder of Bordeaux Kitchen Naturals, a natural, tallow-based beauty products company that supports regenerative agriculture and nutrient dense formulations for the skin in the form of lip balms, skin creams, deodorants, and soaps.

Tania’s mission through her Bordeaux Kitchen Naturals skincare line is to offer natural products made from real ingredients sourced from regenerative agriculture that honors animals, the soil, and communities.  Tania believes in Nature’s wisdom, proven over millennia, and chooses to support well-raised animals as the foundation for food and skin care over highly processed plants grown in mono crops using GMO seeds and pesticides that degrade soil, pollute water, and kill the animals and microbes in the surrounding ecosystem. Tania supports regenerative farmers, whose well-raised and managed herbivores are a key part of the natural cycle as climate change negative, by creating and improving soil, helping prevent runoff and drought, and sequestering carbon.