Embark on an Ancestral Lifestyle Journey | Transform Your Health and Legacy


Hilary Boynton

School of Lunch

How Foods Affect How Children Learn

Join Hilary Boynton at School of Lunch (SOL) as she delves into the profound impact of food on children’s development. Gain insights into optimizing nutrition for enhanced cognitive development.

Christine Muldoon

Nourish The Littles

Picky Eaters and First-Step Organ Meats

Join Christine Muldoon, Nourish The Littles, as she reveals her tips and tricks for Picky Eaters and First Step Organ Meats. She covers strategies for conscious parenting and nourishing little ones.

Corey Dunn

For Nutrient's Sake

Eating Healthy On A Budget

Join Corey Dunn at For Nutrient’s Sake for practical tips on maintaining a nutritious diet without breaking the bank. Learn how to make mindful, budget-friendly food choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Janine Farzin

Offally Good Cooking

Ways to Incorporate Organ Meats Into The Diet

Join Janine Farzin at Offally Good Cooking as she helps you improve your confidence and skills to take your health to the next level with easy ways to incorporate organ meats into your diet.

Real Salt: A Natural Source of Deeply Nourishing Minerals

Join Redmond Life as they take you on a short journey through an ancient seabed filled with deeply nourishing, unpolluted, mineral rich Real Salt. Learn why the speakers of this summit love Real Salt


Sally Fallon Morell is a trailblazer in holistic health, a prominent nutrition advocate, and the author of the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook among others. Listen in as she unvails ancestral wisdom for optimal health.

Dr. Tom Cowan, M.D. provides profound insights into the groundbreaking concepts of the New Biology Curriculum. Explore the cutting-edge principles that are reshaping our understanding of biology.

Dr. Bill Schindler

Eat Like A Human

The Importance of Fermented Foods

Join Dr. Bill Schindler from Modern Stone Age Kitchen as he teaches us the vital role of fermented foods in emulating our ancestral diet and the potential it has when incorporating them into our diet for optimal health.

Tania Teschke

Bordeaux Kitchen

How to Deeply Nourish The Skin Inside and Out

Join Tania Teschke as she discusses how to nourish your skin inside and out, how she came to understand the importance of animal fats, and the best ingredients to look for in natural skincare products (and food) and what to avoid, for a healthy lifestyle.


Cyndi O'Meara

Creator of Changing Habits | The Nutrition Academy

Eliminating Unhealthy Habits

Join Cyndi O’Meara, Changing Habits | The Nutrition Academy, a leading nutritionist and TEDx Speaker, on a journey to eliminate unhealthy eating habits and inspire us to make mindful nutritional choices

Adam Parker

The Ideal Day Podcast

The How, Why, and Safety Measures of Detox

Adam Parker, at The Ideal Day Podcast, is an expert in detox and healing. He discusses with us “The How, Why, and Safety Measures of Detox.”

Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.

Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome (G.A.P.S. Diet)

How the Gut Affects Our Brain

Uncover the gut-brain connection with Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.,  and the transformative power of her own Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome (G.A.P.S.) concept and diet.

Hilda Labrada Gore

Holistic Hilda

Thriving Commonalities In Traditional Cultures

Hilda Labrada Gore, Holistic Hilda, delves into the shared practices of traditional cultures. Discover the wisdom that transcends time and fosters holistic well-being.


Carrie Vitt, FNTP

Deliciously Organic

Malnourishment, Toxicity, and Hormones

Embark on Carrie Vitt’s transformative journey from illness to vitality with Deliciously Organic. Specializing in thyroid, hormone, and adrenal issues, she offers hope and practical tools for a healthier, balanced life.

Maureen Diez

Gods Good Table

Why the Confusion: The Evolution of Fad Diets Explained

Join Maureen Diez at God’s Good Table as she unravels the complex evolution of fad diets, providing clarity in the midst of dietary confusion for a path toward genuine well-being.

Robin Shirley

Take Back Your Health Int'l

Healing From Autoimmune

Robin Shirley is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and energy healer, she empowers individuals to reclaim their health. Robin’s expertise lies in helping families, especially children and mothers, overcome the challenges of chronic illness through the Take Back Your Health™ lifestyle.

Jamie Belz

Nutritional Therapy Association

How to Honor Bio-Individuality with Nutrition

Elevate your health journey with Jamie’s expertise in honoring bio-individuality through nutrition. As an FNTP and Master Health Coach, Jamie Belz brings a wealth of expertise and is deeply committed to Holistic Health.


Jenny McGruther

Nourished Kitchen

Properly Preparing Nuts, Seeds, Grains, and Pulses

Jenny McGruther, at the Nourished Kitchen, is a renowned nutritional therapist, herbalist, and cookbook author. Learn as she discusses how to properly prepare nuts, seeds, grains, and pulses using traditional techniques for vibrant, nourishing meals.

Renee Kholey

Raising Generation Nourished

Baby Steps to An Ancestral and Nourishing Diet

Join Renee Kohley at Raising Generation Nourished as she shares valuable insights on taking small, foundational steps toward embracing an ancestral and nourishing diet for optimal well-being.

Monica Sidarous

Real Food Devotee

Optimizing Nutrients, Balancing Hormones

Join Monica Sidarous at Real Food Devotee as she delves into the vital role of nutrient-dense foods for optimal hormone balance and well-being.

Joel Salatin

Polyface Farm

Regenerative Farming and Feeding The World

Join Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm as he delves into the transformative practice of regenerative farming and its potential to sustainably feed the world’s growing population.

Darryl Bosshardt

Redmond Life

From Toxic Load to Vitality: Harnessing the Benefits of Pure Sea Salt & detoxifying clay

Join Darryl Bosshardt as he reveals dangers most people don’t know may be lurking in their sea salt. Learn what to look for in the salt you choose as well as  how clay has a possitive effect in helping to detoxify the body.


The Toxic Burden of Seed Oils

Join the discussion on the toxic impact of seed oils and its connection to obesity and inflammatory disease with Dr. Cate Shanahan, M.D., from Deep Nutrition, a leading nutrition expert.

Dr. Craig Buhler- D.C.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique

Nutrient Depletion, Joints, and Muscular System

Join Dr. Craig Buhler, D.C., at Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, as he provides crucial insights into nutrient depletion and its impact on the joints and muscular system.

Dr. J Dunn, D.C.

My Happy Genes

How Food and Environment Affect Genetics

Dr. J Dunn, D.C. with My Happy Genes takes you on a deep dive into how food and environmental factors influence our genetics. Gain insights into the intricate interplay between lifestyle and genetic expression.

Dustie Casuse - FNTP, WMP, CNE

Nourishing Chefs

How to Optimize Digestion and Absorb More Nutrients

Learn how to optimize digestion and the path Dustie Casuse, at Thriving Beyond Organic, took that led her to achieve remarkable success in restoring her son’s health.