Healing from autoimmune

Robin Shirley

Join Robin on a journey of Healing From Autoimmune. Discover her transformative approach to holistic health and pain reduction.

Robin Shirley Discusses Healing Methods for Autoimmune Condition

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After being diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lyme disease at age 11, Robin embarked on a lifelong mission to take back her health through integrative nutrition and other natural approaches. 


She has personally experienced the power of a holistic lifestyle in reducing pain and inflammation and has been coaching others through the same process for ten years.


Through her company, Take Back Your Health, Robin hosts health retreats that provide an opportunity to experience therapeutic nutrition and unique healing modalities. 


Her passion for health and her role as a new mom of two has inspired her most recent project: a new kind of school in Virginia called Compass Academy that prioritizes students’ physical and emotional wellbeing.