From Toxic Load to Vitality:
Harnessing the Benefits of Pure Sea Salt
& detoxifying clay

Darryl Bosshardt

Darryl Bosshardt, reveals the profound significance of choosing the right, non-toxic sea salt and detoxifying clay. In a world filled with choices, Darryl's insights shed light on the crucial considerations that can transform your health, from toxic load to radiant vitality.

Darryl Bosshardt from Redmond Life, mineral rich sea salt

Darryl Bosshardt (@redmondrealsalt) is a salt expert – having worked in and studied salt and minerals his whole life. He is passionate about healthy living, healthy eating, and lifelong learning. Darryl grew up working for the family mineral business, Redmond Real Salt, in Redmond, UT, and then earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Southern Utah University and an MBA at Western Governor’s University. 

In this episode, we cover myths around too much salt on a keto or carnivore diet, the effects of low or too high salt, interplay with other electrolytes, salt sourcing, iodine, and much more!

Here are some peer reviewed medical journals talking in favor of natural sea salt if you’d like to read more literature.

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Low-salt diet increases insulin resistance in healthy subjects –

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