Optimizing Nutrients, Balancing Hormones

Monica Sidarous

Join Monica as she delves into the vital role of nutrient-dense foods in hormone balance. Gain valuable insights into optimizing nutrition for hormonal well-being.

Monica Sidarous at Real Food Devotee Discussing Nutrients and Hormone Balance

Monica Sidarous is a Health Educator and ancestral foods chef for families, celebrities, and athletes in Los Angeles.

She founded RealFoodDevotee.com – the first Ancestral Foods delivery service to support her clients’ nutrition pieces. 


Real Food Devotee has become a powerful, change-making force in the Organic, Clean Food Movement. 


Monica completely changed her health through intentional nutrition, intelligent movement & peak health hacks. She has helped thousands of people do this for themselves. 

Monica believes healing health challenges open us up to follow our true purpose here, and she imparts the road map to empowered health with joy and an eye to practical implementation!