Why the Confusion: The Evolution of Fad Diets Explained

Maureen Diez

Join Maureen Diez at God's Good Table as she unravels the complex evolution of fad diets, providing clarity in the midst of dietary confusion for a path towards genuine well-being.

Maureen Diez at God's Good Table Discussing Fad Diets

Maureen Diaz, wife and mother to a large family, spent years homesteading and raising most of her family’s food while studying and practicing regenerative farming practices, nutrition, and non-toxic healing modalities. In 2001, this led her to the work of the late Dr. Weston A. Price and the foundation bearing his name. 


Maureen has continued to learn and share with others what she found to be true and effective. To that end, for many years, she has worked with and for the Weston A. Price Foundation and, in 2021, co-founded God’s Good Table alongside her eldest daughter, Erin. 


Her goal has always been, to help others in the recovery and building of their health and that of their families while educating others in simple, regenerative practices for the small-scale growing of foods, the preservation and preparation of sustainable foods, and using food as medicine.


A Virginia mountaintop is now home to the Diaz family, where together they enjoy gardening, hiking, kayaking, and welcoming people from near and far to their table.