How Foods Affect How Children DEVELOP

Hilary Boynton

Join Hilary Boynton at School of Lunch (SOL) as she delves into the profound impact of food on children's health and development. Gain insights into optimizing nutrition for enhanced cognitive development.

Hilary Boynton at School of Lunch (SOL) Discussing Food and Development

Hilary Boynton, the visionary behind School of Lunch, wears many hats – she’s an accomplished author and a revered culinary consultant. Her profound journey began when conventional medicine fell short in healing her family’s chronic illnesses. It was through a shift towards food and nutrition that they found their path to recovery. Drawing inspiration from Dr. Weston A. Price’s ancestral wisdom, she meticulously chronicled her transformative experience in the acclaimed work, “The Heal Your Gut Cookbook.”


At The Manzanita School, where she serves as the Head of Nutritional Services, Hilary initiated a culinary revolution. 

Her focus on scratch-cooking, nutrient density, and local food systems has redefined their food programs. Building on this success, Hilary extended her transformative approach through School of Lunch, offering immersive culinary intensives and restorative retreats.


In her role as a “Lunch Leader,” Hilary is deeply dedicated to fostering a cultural shift towards healthier eating habits for upcoming generations. She firmly believes in the power of food as medicine and is determined to counteract the alarming rise of chronic childhood illnesses. Through her work, Hilary is leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of holistic nutrition and well-being.