How to Optimize Digestion

Dustie Casuse FNTP, WMP, CNE,

Learn how to optimize digestion and the path Dustie took that led her to achieve remarkable success in restoring her son's health.

Dustie Casuse, FNTP, WMP, presenting on 'How to Optimize Digestion

Dustie Casuse, a devoted mother of five and a wife of 20 years, has been an avid holistic health advocate throughout her life, particularly in the realm of nutrition. 


Her journey into ancestral wisdom and healing diets began when her first son was born with severe allergies, leading her to realize that her prior understanding of true health was incomplete. Armed with this newfound insight, Dustie embarked on a path of discovery and achieved remarkable success in restoring her son’s health. 


Now, with over, two decades of experience, she is known as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Wholistic Methylation Practitioner, and Culinary Nutrition Expert, she is wholeheartedly committed to sharing these transformative truths with others. 


Dustie’s mission is to guide others towards a life of thriving health, sparing them the struggles she once faced.