What is the New Biology

Dr. Tom Cowan, M.D.

Join Dr. Tom Cowan, M.D. as he provides profound insights into the groundbreaking concepts of the New Biology Curriculum. Explore the cutting-edge principles that are reshaping our understanding of biology.

Dr. Tom Cowan, M.D.: Discussing 'The New Biology'

Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D., is a renowned alternative medicine doctor, author, and speaker known for his pragmatic, holistic approach to health and wellness. With an extensive background, he’s delivered numerous lectures and workshops across the U.S. and authored seven influential books. His recent works, including “The Contagion Myth,” co-authored by Sally Fallon Morell, “Cancer and the New Biology of Water,” and “Human Heart, Cosmic Heart,” delve into cutting-edge perspectives on health.


Having practiced general medicine for decades in various locations, from upstate New York to Peterborough, N.H., and San Francisco, Dr. Cowan brings a wealth of experience. As a founding board member and current Weston A. Price Foundation vice president, he plays a pivotal role in advancing holistic health.


Dr. Cowan remains actively engaged in lecturing and interviews, sharing valuable insights through his website, drtomcowan.com, where he also offers personally endorsed products. His high-quality, beyond-organic vegetable powders and kitchen essentials can be found at drcowansgarden.com.


Residing on a serene farmland in Upstate New York with his wife, Lynda, Dr. Cowan is surrounded by a loving family, including three children, a stepson, and seven thriving grandchildren. Experience his practical wisdom and embark on a journey to vibrant well-being.