The Importance of Fermented Foods

Dr. Bill Schindler

Join Dr. Bill Schindler from, Modern Stone Age Kitchen, as he teaches us the vital role of fermented foods in emulating our ancestral diet and the potential it has when incorporating them into our diet for optimal health.

Dr. Bill Schindler at Modern Stone Age Kitchen Discussing Fermented Foods

Dr. Bill Schindler, a distinguished author, internationally acclaimed archaeologist, and accomplished chef, is renowned for his groundbreaking work in ancestral nutrition and food preparation.


His book, Eat Like a Human: Nourishing Foods and Ancient Ways of Cooking to Revolutionize Your Health, stands as a testament to his expertise.


As the visionary founder and director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab, Dr. Schindler is on a mission to revive and preserve ancestral dietary practices. His aim is to craft a nourishing, ethical, and sustainable food system. Alongside his wife, Christina, he operates the Modern Stone Age Kitchen—a restaurant and sourdough bakery. Here, they employ ancient approaches to create nourishing dishes that prioritize safety, nutrient density, and bioavailability for the community’s benefit.


Dr. Schindler’s groundbreaking work has garnered widespread attention. Wired Magazine’s YouTube series, Basic Instincts and Food Science, and the National Geographic Channel’s series, The Great Human Race, both featured his pioneering contributions. The latter series aired in 2016, reaching audiences in 171 countries.