Eating Healthy On A Budget

Corey Dunn

Join Corey Dunn at For Nutrient's Sake for practical tips on maintaining a nutritious diet without breaking the bank. Learn how to make mindful, budget-friendly food choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Corey Dunn at For Nutrient's Sake Discussing Budget-Friendly Healthy Eating

Corey Dunn, the creative mind behind, boasts a unique journey from costume designer to a devoted wife and second-generation homeschooling mother of four. Her foray into the realm of holistic health was ignited when her second child grappled with eczema at a tender six months. This pivotal moment propelled Corey into a profound exploration of well-being through the prism of nutrition and lifestyle.


After immersing herself in the paleo lifestyle for five years, Corey’s path led her to the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF), where she discovered the transformative power of properly prepared grains. Since then, there’s been no turning back. Fueled by a passion for home cooking and baking, Corey embarked on a mission to share her odyssey through her blog, podcast, and Instagram. Her aspiration is clear: to demystify the creation of real, healing, and nutrient-dense meals, making them not only feasible but also accessible for the modern mom.


Currently, Corey and her family reside on their recently established homestead in coastal Georgia, where they’re crafting a lifestyle deeply rooted in health, harmony, and self-sufficiency.