The How, Why, and Safety Measures of Detox

Adam Parker

Adam Parker, at The Ideal Day Podcast, is an expert in detox and healing. He discusses with us "The How, Why, and Safety Measures of Detox."

Adam Parker on Your Ideal Day Podcast Discussing Detox Methods

Adam Parker is a Detoxification Expert and the Host of The Ideal Day Podcast. 


Adam is passionate about educating people on the importance of Detox and inner healing, considering the toxic and overburdened world we all call home. 


He has developed arguably the best natural detoxification and healing program from years of uncovering and solving his own and many others’ health challenges. He now helps high achievers detox and heal themselves so they can get back to what they love.


Through his podcast, group programs, coaching, and speaking events, Adam educates and inspires people to take responsibility for their health and empowers them to live happy and healthy lives through the knowledge he shares.